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James Lamont, Founder of Lamont Financial Services, Provides College Planning Solutions for Any Age.

Founder of Lamont Financial Services and Chartered Financial Consultant, James Lamont offers insight into a variety of college planning options that offer protection, flexibility and tax advantages.

San Francisco, CA, May 7, 2015: Chartered Financial Consultant and Founder of Lamont Financial Services, James Lamont has posted a new article on his website entitled How To Plan and Save For Your Child’s College Education At Any Age.

As Lamont writes, “Planning for a child’s college education can never begin too soon. Saving for something as important and costly as college deserves attention as soon as possible.” He goes on to further explain, “No matter when you start planning or saving for your child’s college education, with so many options available today, it makes sense to work with a dedicated financial planner in order to ensure the greatest protection, flexibility and tax advantages.” He adds that at Lamont Financial Services, “We know the ins and outs of the various college education funds and we keep up with the changes as they happen. We also partner with 123 College, the country’s premier college planning company.”

From starting an educational savings plan in infancy to beginning one during high school years, Lamont says, “Each plan needs to be customized according to individual needs and circumstances. And, since needs and circumstances change, it is important to monitor college savings plans accordingly.”

According to Lamont, “Contributions to college savings plans vary according to the age of the child and the family income.” He makes it obvious that college planning is not necessarily easy to accomplish. He asks, “Should you be in a Coverdale Plan or a 529 Plan? What are the differences between the two? What if other family members want to contribute? Are there caps on contributions? What are the tax implications? Are there other financial instruments that would meet your needs more effectively?”

If planning begins when the child is in high school, the strategy changes. As Lamont explains, “Late phase college planning means financial aid programs now become a priority.” He adds, “This is where Lamont Financial Services can be of great service. We look into all the available options and help you determine what aid your child will qualify for whether attending a state or private school. We can save you thousands of dollars each year by letting you know what assets could count against you and what to do in order to make them not be counted.”

The entire article can be read at LINK HERE


About James Lamont

James Lamont began selling insurance as an independent agent in 1981. His desire to help others protect themselves and their families against financial hardship in the event of accidents, untimely deaths and natural disasters eventually led to and inspired his interest in financial consulting.

In 2001, James became a Chartered Financial Consultant and Certified Life Underwriter. In the same year, he launched Lamont Financial Services. The primary mission of Lamont Financial Services is to help clients protect and grow their wealth safely while maintaining the highest fiduciary standards.

Mr. Lamont is a speaker, author and teacher, noted for the popular bi-monthly workshops he holds for his clients on a variety of topics including identity theft, alternative investments, managing IRAs, and social security among others. His articles and insights have appeared in segments on ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC.

Lamont began as an independent agent and remains an independent financial consultant firm to this day. He stays current and informed by investing up to 200 hours per year attending conferences around the country. He is a popular guest speaker at industry conferences such as The Liquid Alternative Strategies Conference West, the IMN Real Estate Conference and the Non-Traded Alternatives Retail Forum.

Jim is the President of the local chapter of the Society for Financial Awareness, the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce and The American Financial Education Alliance.


About Lamont Financial Services

We are a full-service financial firm committed to helping people pursue their financial goals. We offer a wide range of financial products and services to individuals and business owners. We believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions to help reach them by our providing sound financial information.

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