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Source: Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2013

Will you outlive your retirement income? Are your financial expectations for the coming year realistic?

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HOT TOPIC: New Consumer Credit Protections
Why your credit score matters and how recent changes could help you manage and potentially improve your credit.

Interested in Interest Rates
Interest rates are expected to rise in 2015. Test your interest-rate knowledge by taking this short quiz.

Special Bequests for Special People
A personal property memorandum could be used to make bequests of specific items to heirs.

Mutual Funds and ETFs
In spite of their similarities, there are some key differences between ETFs and mutual funds.

Homeownership Can Pay Off at Tax Time
Tax incentives available to homeowners, like deducting mortgage interest, can make homeownership attractive to some.

Liability Protection for Business Owners
Organizing as a limited liability company has its benefits and offers many of the same legal protections as a corporation.


HOT TOPIC: Key Indicators Signal Progress for U.S. Economy
In the 5 years since the end of the Great Recession, Americans can finally be upbeat about their financial prospects.

Growth, Value, or Both?
Here’s how to identify a stock or mutual fund as a growth or value investment.

Know Your Rights, But File with Care
It’s important to note that the “kinder, gentler” IRS remains vigilant in auditing returns for accuracy.

New Opportunity for Generating Lifetime Income
A survey of adults aged 44 to 75 found that 61% fear running out of money in retirement.

Is College Around the Corner?
Personal financial decisions can affect the amount of aid a student might receive from the government and/or a college.

Time to Cash Out?
Common valuation methods and how small-business owners can get the best price when selling their businesses.


HOT TOPIC: Is a Strong Dollar Good for the U.S. Economy?
Understanding the rising U.S. dollar and its potential effect on the economy, consumers, and investors.Bridging the Gap with a Spousal IRA
Couples might consider a spousal IRA to help keep the retirement savings of both spouses on track.

“I’ll Do It Later” — Why People Procrastinate
Procrastination can have far-reaching effects on important activities and decisions, such as saving for retirement.

Fixed-Income Investments and Rising Interest Rates
Bond prices typically fall as interest rates rise; this may be a good time to examine your fixed-income investments.

The Problem with Projections
2015 forecasts for GDP, inflation, and unemployment, and the role and limitations of economic projections.

Can Small Companies Benefit from Big Data?
Some of the ways business owners are using data to help improve business efficiency and customer interaction


HOT TOPIC: Last-Minute Legislation: 2014 Tax Extenders
50 temporary tax provisions for 2014 became law with less than 2 weeks left in the tax year; will any affect you?

Expenses in Waiting: Managing Costs on Your Property and Casualty Insurance
For auto and homeowners insurance, consider deductibles and coverage limits, and compare rates for available options.

File and Suspend: A Flexible Social Security Strategy
Understanding Social Security claiming strategies, such as “file and suspend,” may help increase lifetime benefits.

Are Your Beneficiaries Up-to-Date?
Now may be a good time to make sure that the beneficiaries in your will, insurance policies, and retirement accounts are current.

SEC Decides to Break the Buck
How reforms to the $2.6 trillion money fund market might affect institutional and individual investors.

When Weather Becomes Your Worst Enemy
Companies with disaster plans and adequate insurance protection may be in a better position to reopen their doors after a severe weather-related event.


HOT TOPIC: Shoppers Still Waiting for Security Fix
Current trends in debit- and credit-card fraud and how shoppers can help protect their personal information and financial accounts.

Adding Real Estate to Your Portfolio
An overview of the potential benefits and risks of REITs, and how real estate investments might help provide portfolio balance.

Who Controls the Cash?
Results of a recent survey on couples and money management, plus suggestions for forging a stronger financial partnership.

Guarding Against Fraud
Three basic principles that could help consumers spot a fraudulent scheme.

Watching for Inflation
Fed officials eventually need to decide when to tighten monetary policy and raise the benchmark interest rate.

Health-Care Update
Information about the Affordable Care Act’s employer mandate for small businesses, including tax credits and SHOP.


HOT TOPIC: Tightening the Rules on Corporate Inversions
Understanding inversions and their implications on tax revenues, corporate taxes, and for shareholders of inverted companies.

If Inflation Is Low, Why Are Prices High?
Consumers who go to the grocery store or gas station might wonder what the talk of low inflation is all about.

Smaller Hikes for Medicare Advantage Premiums
The government planned to reduce Medicare Advantage plan funding for 2015, but pressure from Congress led to a reversal.

Health Savings Accounts and Your Retirement
An HSA could play a role in a longer-term retirement strategy because of three powerful tax benefits.

Saving for Life After Work
Retirement benefits are the 3rd most important consideration fostering emplo


HOT TOPIC: U.S. Oil Carries More Weight in the Global Market
The U.S. has become the world’s largest energy producer; can lower gas and oil prices accelerate the economy?

When You Can’t Speak for Yourself
Having proper legal documents in place can help when you are unable to make your own medical and financial decisions.

Options for Retirement Living
Some considerations when deciding where to live in retirement, be it staying in the same community or moving.

Turbulent Times in Emerging Markets
Emerging market investments may have the potential for higher average returns over the long term, but there are risks.

IRS Flips on Rollover Rules
Starting in 2015, only one 60-day tax-free rollover each year will be allowed, no matter how many IRAs are owned.

A Brave New World
The federal government is forging trade agreements and creating new programs that may help businesses become export-ready.


HOT TOPIC: Global Static: Geopolitics and U.S. Markets
A look at recent international geopolitical situations and whether they could have a long-term effect on U.S. markets.

You Need a Will. What About a Trust?
This article provides an overview of basic trust terms and structures and common types of trusts.

Do You Still Need Life Insurance?
Reasons why life insurance may still be important and the differences between term and permanent insurance policies.

Timing Social Security and IRA Distributions
Understand Social Security claiming strategies, longevity issues, and tax considerations to help maximize benefits.

Too Good to Be True?
Knowing what to look for could help investors guard against common types of fraud such as pyramid schemes and affinity fraud.

Tax Season Never Ends for the Self-Employed
Making accurate quarterly tax payments on schedule can help avoid interest penalties for underpayment.


HOT TOPIC: Will College Pay Off? Big Bills Call for Smart Choices
A Federal Reserve analysis found investing in a college degree earned an average annual return of about 15% over the last decade.

Be Careful About Cashing Out
When leaving a job, what you could do with the assets you’ve accumulated in your employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Meet the Greeks: Alpha and Beta
This article explains how alpha and beta measures can be used to compare investments.

Catch Up for a More Comfortable Retirement
Workers aged 50 and older can give their retirement savings a boost by taking advantage of catch-up contributions.

Small Business Owners Deserve a Vacation
Some tips for fitting a personal vacation into business plans and helping the business run efficiently.

Experience U.S. National Parks by Volunteering
This article explores ways to enjoy a relatively inexpensive outdoor vacation.


HOT TOPIC: Jobs Are Back, But Is It Too Soon to Celebrate?
Understanding the current jobs situation and how it may affect the economy in the coming months.

Balancing Foreign Trade
The key dynamics behind the U.S. trade deficit including trade issues with China and international trade agreements.

Considering UITs
An overview of UITs with a focus on some important factors to understand when adding UITs to a portfolio.

Do You “Speak” Annuities?
An overview of fixed and variable annuities and how they could provide a guaranteed income stream in retirement.

When Adult Children Need Financial Help
Ideas for parents to consider when their adult children ask for financial help.

Succession Planning and Life Insurance
How to help survivors from being forced to liquidate the business, sell assets, or borrow money to pay taxes and fees.


HOT TOPIC: Housing Trends – New Rules Could Revive Recovery
Current housing trends, the role of the government in the housing-finance market, and what changes could mean.

Imagining Your Retirement
Key points to consider as you envision your retirement and work to make your dreams come true.

Keeping Score for Your Credit
Tips to maintain or potentially improve your credit scores (higher scores could make it easier to obtain credit).

Bridging the Gap Between Retirement and Medicare Eligibility
The health exchanges could be beneficial for early retirees who need coverage before they are eligible for Medicare.

Taxes Due for Better or Worse
A number of new taxes could affect couples (especially higher-income couples) and lead to surprises at tax time.

Small-Business Borrowing Update
Common financing options that small businesses often rely on to run their operations or finance expansion.

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