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Make Sure You’re Creating Retirement Income and Returns in the Safest Way Possible

As you get closer to retirement it’s a good idea to review your financial goals and plans to ensure your investments are not only keeping pace with the economy, but are in the best possible position to create the maximum retirement income and returns safely. You may even want to discuss your current plan with another financial advisor, much like you would seek a second opinion from another physician if you had a diagnosis you felt unsure about. Your financial health is that important.

You may need to review your current risk tolerance versus when you initiated or last reviewed your plan. Providing a secure retirement means that your income is maximized and your taxes are minimized. That means taking a good look at your tax bracket situation. Many people fail to take this into consideration and are surprised when upon retirement they are still taxed at their pre-retirement earnings.

Very often this happens because 85% of Social Security is taxed depending on income. This can be particularly precarious because even though you have income, it is not accumulation income. It is being distributed from your savings. This throws people into a higher tax bracket and sometimes affects lifestyle choices.

At Lamont Financial we customize portfolio solutions to create lifetime income. We continuously provide safeguards and actively monitor our clients’ portfolios. Whether your retirement is imminent or still years away, our expertise has provided secure retirements while maximizing income.

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